Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Craft: Making Christmas Angel Ornaments


This little angel is quite easy to make.  She is made from an old t-shirt, a wood ball, wire , yarn and an old sheer curtain.  I embellished her with two buttons for her shoes and a sparkly butterfly and those are optional.  The dress flares out because I used a piece of the t-shirt with the hem in it.  There is nothing under her dress to make it stand out more.

Here are some ways to decorate these simple angels.

Make one using peacock feathers and wire ribbon for wings.


Make one using white fabric (this was made from an old blouse) and decorative ribbon.

polkadotgreenangel5 (640x633)

Make one for a Thanksgiving decoration using silk leaves.harvestangel2-001
This little angel only takes about 20 minutes to make, if that long.  If you are interested in making some angel Christmas ornaments just click here to go to the tutorial.  Angel ornament tutorial