Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Craft: Dragonfly and flowers collage’

Just wanted to show you a few little details about this picture so you can see that there is not any intricate work involved at all.  The flowers are just four little circles attached to each other, brushed on with acrylic paint.  The small flowers are just to fill up space, and they are nothing but dots.  The stems are dots and then some of the dots have been connected.  Just put little dots of different colors in the middle of your flowers.

This little bird was taken from a gift bag.  I’m not that great at drawing, so I looked at it and painted it onto my wood paint stick canvas.  There is absolutely no detail involved in it at all.  But if you  fear drawing it directly on your picture after you have already done so much work,  use tracing paper and trace the image you want to duplicate, then cut it out.  Use the cut out to trace around, just like we did when we were kids.

DSCF1498 (2)

Take a close look at this dragon fly.  I got on the internet and searched for a picture of a dragonfly.  Then took a piece of paper and drew it, cut it out and used it as a pattern to cut the wings and body out of the screen wire.  The screen wire wings and body were then painted white.  I used a sharpie to make the veins on the screen.  Tack the screen wire on with small tacks.  Sew the buttons, going in and out of the holes, then glue them onto the dragonfly.

To prepare the base for your picture, use stretcher strips for the frame and paint sticks to paint the picture on.  Assemble this first, then begin creating your masterpiece.  I just sloshed some blue and then blue mixed with white to paint the background.

Here’s the finished picture…………………………………..


If you try this picture, I’d love to see it.  Have a great time sloshing paint around and creating this picture.  Happy Crafting.