DIY: Wood Canvas with Frame

First let's take a look at the cost of this craft.  The stretcher strips for your frame can be purchased here.  They can be purchased for less than 80 cents per section.  The paint sticks I found for about 13 cents, you can purchase paint sticks here.  These are your two major purchases for this project.  We normally have paint on hand, along with glue.  Staples are optional.  Then you can add whatever you like to decorate.

Just to build the frame and paint stick canvas for this size 12" x 13" (4 stretcher strips at .80 each = $3.80) and paint sticks (eight 12" long sticks at .13 each = $1.04)  Roughly $4.84 for each frame and paint stick canvas ready to paint and decorate.  That's not to bad for the versatility and quality look you get with these craft items.

                                          Finished frame and canvas ready to paint and decorate.

                                                               Gather your supplies:

4 stretcher strips (two 12" and two 13" for this particular look)
8 paint sticks ( each at least 12" long)
glue  (I used Aleene's Tacky Glue)
staples and staple gun (optional)
wire and tacks (for hanger)

                                                                 Start your project:

1.  Begin by assembling your frame, top and bottom one size, sides the other size.  Square it up and place glue on the back side of the joints.

Once the glue has dried you can handle your frame without getting it out of square.

2.  Lay the paintsticks side by side, flush with each other at top and bottom, backside facing you.   (If you picked up a handful of Free paintsticks from a store they probably have the store's name printed on one side of the stick.  Be sure to use this as the back side)

3.  Place a piece of strong tape across the top and then across the bottom making sure the paintsticks don't have large gaps between them.  Then glue one paint stick across the mid section of the entire layout.  Once the glue has dried and you can handle the paint sticks without them coming apart, remove the tape.

4.  Either glue or staple the paint sticks onto the back of your frame at each end.  No glue or staples are necessary along the sides.

5.  Turn your frame over and decorate.

                                               Here are a few ideas.........................................

              Paint your sticks different colors.  Put one section of a wooden sewing hoop in the center and                                                                          embellish with feathers.

Paint your sticks all on color to match your frame, then put your favorite saying on it with rub on letters, cut                                                         out letters, stencils or letter it yourself.

Cut out a section of another paint stick,  glue it on covering the little holes, put an inspirational quote on it, then add your favorite cut out.

With your exacto knife or your Cricut (if you have one) cut out letters and designs of your choice, lay it out                                                                    with double sided tape.

Just let your creativity run wild.  These are so light weight you don't have to hang them with a heavy wire.  Be careful that your staples or tacks you use to secure your wire are so long that they go all the way through to the front of the frame.  If it does happen, it's a perfect place to glue on a button if you like.

When painting this raw wood with your acrylic paint, use a very watered down solution and build it to your desired look.  Don't start out thick with paint.  You might like the thicker look, I seem to prefer letting the wood grain show through.  

I hope you enjoy this craft as much as I did.  Happy Crafting!

If you need supplies for this particular project just go to my store.  Thanks for shopping with me.