Monday, January 13, 2014

Valentine Craft: I will always love you




Loving this  wood panel for crafts by Plaid.  This is wonderful for anything you want to put on it.  Since Valentines is coming up I thought I’d work with that theme.

All you need is the wood panel, acrylic paint, brush, paper doilies, a heart stencil and some paint pens.

1.  With your brush apply water only to wet the entire panel.



2.  With your favorite color of acrylic paint, apply a watered down coat.  Try not to get a perfect coating, leave it a little spotty.  I used Petal Pink by Plaid.




3.  Do the same with the next color.  I used Burgundy.  Then either trace or free hand a heart with pencil somewhere around the center.  Doesn’t have to be perfectly centered.




4.  With a white paint pen trace over the penciled in heart.  Then go back over it just making dots with the white paint pen.




5.  Plan on what words you’d like to have on your Valentine plaque.  Use stencils if you’d like to.  Just pencil them in lightly and trace over them with your paint pen.



6.  Cut a pretty part of a paper doily angling the sides, dabbing your choice of paint colors to make the design on your wood panel.  I used White and Turquoise.  Once you have one side done, turn the panel and do the next side, continue until all four sides are done.





7.  Take a round doily you like the pattern on and use it as a stencil too, dabbing paint all around the designs of the doily.  I used Petal Pink, White and Turquoise.





8.  Paint the inside of the heart to make it stand out more, use the acrylic paint watered down.  I use Petal Pink and mixed some Turquoise with it here and there to get the purplish affect.  Then play around with dots and swirls with the paint pens, just adding your special touch here and there until you are happy with it all.  Don’t be afraid to try something, afraid that it might be the wrong color.  My words were white, then pink, then gray, then white again and I finally settled on the Turquoise.  Put dots, using your paint pens all around the doily design, I used gray, pink and with my brush I used Turquoise (only because I didn’t have a Turquoise paint pen.

Don’t forget to paint the sides as you go so you can blend the color as it meets the front edge.  Put some swirlies on the edges too!



Put a wire hanger on the back and you are done.  Just as economical as a card and will last a lot longer.  Besides, it can hang on the wall and makes a gift that can be seen and remind someone all year long that you love them.


I hope you enjoyed this craft.

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