Making Angel Ornaments

Several people told me that they thought this angel was too hard to make, but I think it was more the way I came across with the instructions and pictures.  So I have tried to take better pictures and have actually thought each step through trying to explain it better.  Before we begin, if you'd like to view different ideas about how to dress up your angel, just click here.  

Want to make your own angel?  Let's get started.

Make the dress in 4 easy steps.

1.  Cut the fabric of your choice, a cotton (like an old t-shirt) is great.  Make        the piece approximately 12" x 4".  (If you are going to make an angel that stands or       sits on top of your tree, please read the special instructions below before cutting your               material.)

2.  About 1 1/2" from the top baste with yarn.

3.  Gather, pull tight and tie a knot in the yarn to keep the dress closed.              (Please see instructions at the bottom of this page for this step if you are making an angel         that will stand.)

4.  Wrap the yarn around to the front of the dress and tie another knot with the yarn.  Clip this yarn to the length of the dress.

Make the wings in three easy steps.

1.  Cut three to four pieces of sheer material (this was a curtain) or ribbon of        your choice, approximately 2 1/2" x 5" wide.

2.  Lay the pieces on top of each other and baste at the center of strips.

3.  Gather with the baste stitch and tie a knot with the yarn.

Attach wings to the dress in two simple steps.

1.  With the yarn still attached to the wings run the needle up through the          yarn in the back of the dress that we tied the waist with.

2.  Pull the yarn through until the wings are tight up against the dress, run          the needle under the waist yarn again and tie securely with another knot.        Clip the yarn after tying.

Make angel hair in two steps.

1.  Wrap the yarn you have chosen for your angel's hair around four fingers          about 12 times.  Gently slide the loops off your fingers.

2.  Tie a loop in the end of the yarn, wrap the yarn around the hair one time and slide the needle through the loop, pull tightly.

Attach the hair and head to the body in three steps.

1.  Put the needle inside the hole in the wood head and pull hair tightly just enough for it to sit right inside the hole.

2.  Fluff out the neckline of the dress.  Push the very center (right above the        knot we made with the yarn around the waist) of the neckline down and          run the needle through the fabric and straight down inside the center of          the dress.  Reach up inside the dress and grab the needle pulling tightly        so that the head will rest securely.  While keeping this pulled tight, tie a        knot in the yarn so that it won't pull through the layer of fabric we sewed        through from the neckline.

3.  Cut hair at looped ends and give her a trim.

Attach a halo and hanger in two steps

1.  The halo can be done easily several different ways, but I simply ran a wire     down through the whole in the head, wrapped it around some of the yarn       underneath the dress and twisted the wire at the top. 

2.  For the hanger, I just use more yarn and attached it to the top of the head      at the yarn we used to pull the hair down inside the wood ball with.

  Make an angel that stands at your table setting or sits atop your tree.

Just do this....................

1. First remove the cap from a water bottle, then cut the top out of the bottle, leaving the bottle the height you want your angel to stand.  If you are making it taller than the instructions above for the hanging angel, be sure to adjust the length of the material.

2.  When you go to tie the yarn at the waist, slip it over the mouth of the water bottle, then pull the yarn tightly. 

Every thing else should work out exactly the same, it did for me.  Trim the dress if you want it to be exactly the same height as the bottle or keep it longer to sit on top of your tree.