Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Craft: Sewing on stretched canvas

You should try this!  With needle and thread try sewing on your stretched canvas instead of decoupage’.
I painted the stretched canvas solid black with acrylic paint.  This time I didn’t do a wash, I used the acrylic paint straight out of the bottle, just poured it on the canvas and painted it and get the sides while your at it.
Before the paint drys, lay your paper doily, centered on the canvas, to use as a stencil.  Once centered I used lilac, white and orange and went all around the doily dabbing with my brush, letting the colors all mix together.  Pull up the doily promptly so it won’t stick to the canvas.
Use a particular part of the doily and decorate the corners using it as a stencil.  I used orange on the corners.
With your brush, just dip it in your lilac paint (or whatever color you have chosen) and put little dots here and there all over the canvas.  I tried to stay with the design.  Do the same with a second color.
While that is drying, prepare your focal point.  Of course mine is a butterfly.  I cut this butterfly out of screen wire then put an orange wash of acrylic paint on it which made it appear rusted.  Sew a jute body on it and two small silk roses.  Using a small paint brush, put some dots of color here and there to pretty it up and make it more interesting.

Now that your canvas is completely dry, place your item (butterfly) in the center and begin sewing it on.  I used a blue thread and also sewed on some veins in the wings.  Then sew anywhere else on the canvas you’d like, I sewed around the circle and the antenna of the butterfly.
With different stitch styles you could probably really enhance this crafty collage quite a bit more with the sewing.  But I had some more ideas for another project so I didn’t sew to much.  I’ll probably have to go back to this idea another day and put more time in the sewing part of it.
I hope you enjoy this craft and can find ways to adapt it more to your style.  If you try one, I’d love to see it.

Need some supplies for this craft? 

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