Monday, October 21, 2013

Make your own Burlap Canvas

This simple idea can be used many different ways.  Burlap coated with gesso can be used for collage, paintings or you can even stencil words on it.  You can sew on it too.
It’s quite easy.  Here’s what you need:
An old frame
Enough burlap to cover the front and wrap around the back to staple
acrylic paints
paper doily
staples and staple gun
paint brush

Easy steps to complete this project:

1.  Cover your frame with the burlap, stapling the edges to the back and pulling as tight as you can.
2.  Apply a coat of gesso to the front of the burlap.  Wait for this coat to dry then apply another coat or two if you like.
3.  Once dry, you can paint on your canvas with the colors of acrylic paint you love.  You don’t have to paint a scene.  Use the paper doilies as stencils and dab paint all around the edges and within the design of the doily.
Using stencils, put words on your canvas.
Sew a little bird or butterfly on your canvas by hand.
Sew buttons on the canvas.
Don’t forget the hanger.
Hang and admire!
Hope you enjoy this craft, have a blast with it.  And thanks again for reading.