Monday, October 14, 2013

DIY Calendar Holder


I was anxious to show you this idea.  Do you get tired of fighting your calendar when you go to change to the next month.    I had been wanting to find something to hang my calendar by, but wasn’t willing to spend the money for something that could be made easily and save money at the same time.  When I did a search I was unable to find one I liked for less than $10.  So I worked on this idea today.

All you need is:
Two, 12" paint sticks    
3 regular size wooden clothes pins
wood buttons (optional)
miniature clothes pins (optional)
You might have 2 to 3 dollars in this project!

All you have to do is:

      1.  Glue 3 clothes pins on to one of the paint sticks.  Glue one pin at  1/2”,    one at 5  1 /4” and the last one at 11 1/2”.  
DSCF1351 (640x331)

2.  When the glue dries slide another paint stick right underneath the first stick and glue to the back side of the clothes pins.
DSCF1365 (640x174)
3.  Once dry, paint with your favorite color and glue on buttons or any other kind of embellishments you might like.
4.  Cut your wire long enough to go all the way across the front and the back with 2” extra.
5.  Run the wire through the holes in the springs of the clothes pins across the front and then around to the back and join the wire.
DSCF1366 (630x640)
Hang the calendar holder on the wall with the wire you ran across the back.  Hang the calendar with the regular size clothes pins and hang cards, stamps, photos or notes with the miniature clothes pins if you opted to use those.
I had a blast coming up with this.  It was thrilling to come up with something I liked and saved money by making it myself.
                                   Here's your finished project in use.

And don't forget the miniature clothespins can be used to hold other important things like this:

Experiment with this craft, here's another way to make the calendar holder if you'd rather not hang it by a wire.

                                                   All you need is:

one 12" long paint stick
two picture hangers with small nails
three regular size clothes pins
four buttons
glue, hammer
three embellishments (optional)
paint (your color choice)

                                               All you have to do is:

1.  Start by marking on the front and back of the paint stick where you will place the clothes pins later.  One at 1/2", one at 5 3/4" and the last one at 11 1/2".    Just for an example............ don't glue them on yet.

2. On the back side of your paint stick nail one picture hanger placing the center on your mark on the left and right sides of the paint stick.

3.  On the front of your paint stick, snip off the part of the nails that came through the wood flush with the stick.

4.  If you are going to paint your clothespins and paint stick the same color you can go ahead and glue your pins on now, if not then paint all your pieces before gluing together.  Once you are ready to glue on your clothespins, glue them to the marks we made earlier in step #1.

5.  Paint your holder your favorite color.
6.  Glue on embellishments.  The four buttons are to be glued over the top of the snipped nails.

Hang your calendar holder, put your calendar in it by putting the center in first, then the two sides.


Just so you know, Aleene's Tacky Glue is a great glue to use, it's some pretty strong stuff.

Have fun crafting!  And please don’t forget to join me on facebook or sign up here for emails so you can enjoy money saving crafts.  If you make a calendar holder, I’d like to see it.  Share it with me.