Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Craft: Sewing on Paper





Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques.  Sometimes you stumble upon ideas that are really satisfying and pleasing to the eye.  And then it opens up a whole new door of creativity.

I’ve seen some photos of sewing on paper, but wasn’t sure how it would work on this particular item I was constructing.  It’s just a simple stretcher strip frame with lace washed with acrylic and water, then the paper doily was used for a stencil overlapping in white atop the painted lace.  Two paint sticks put together to write the words on and glued to the inside of the frame.

My daughter has a cricket and I confiscated some butterflies she had left over from a project.  I am having a ball with them.  But I have actually used some of them as stencils and have hand cut with a craft knife some others using her butterflies as patterns.

But the main thing is that the butterflies, after being painted, were hand sewn on top of the lace.  It was intricate work, for fear I’d tear the paper after going this far with the project.  But I would almost think it would have to be done this way to keep everything centered.  I might try the machine next time and do the sewing first.

Well, I just wanted to share this with you today.

I hope you can see that you can try to do whatever you want and don’t have to stay within someone else’s guidelines.  We are all free to create!  And you should see the pile of craft bloopers I have.



You can get stretcher strips here.