Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Crazy Easy Christmas Stars with Paint Sticks



I’ve gone mad with these paint sticks.  I’m making everything from A to Z.  I like that I can saw them to the size I want easily.  The way the paint reacts to the raw wood is very pleasing to the eye.  The grain of the wood shows through.  They are extremely economical to use, because I bought quite a few at one time, they came out to be around 12 cents per stick.

Here’s a star you can make for Christmas or other star related holidays that is easy.

All you need is:

Five 12” long paint sticks

staples and staple gun or strong craft glue

Acrylic paint (the color used here is Chromium Oxide Green)

Wood buttons (optional)

Screen wire (optional)


All you have to do is:

1.  Lay  out your paint sticks in this order:









2.  Staple the paint sticks together at the points and at the areas where the sticks overlap each other.  Staple from the front side of the star.

3.  Paint the star being careful to coat the edges as you go.  Wash with a watered down acrylic mixture until you have created the depth you desire.

4.  Lay the star face down on the screen wire.  Trace around the star with a sharpie or chalk and cut the star pattern out of the wire.

5.  Lay the back side of the star face down. (ends of the staples will be facing up)  Lay the screen wire on the paint stick star and push down on to the staple ends.  Pull the screen wire snug.

6.  With a wire tool, bend the staple ends down, then hammer lightly. (So no one will rip a finger open)  Trim the screen wire close to the edges of the star.




7.  Paint the wood buttons any color you like or keep them natural.  Glue on to the front of the star over the staples.




8.  Run a wire, string or ribbon through the screen wire from the point you want to hang your star.  Twist wire ends together and hang.


Hope you enjoyed making this star.  Happy crafting!