Monday, February 3, 2014

DIY Kitchen Wall Organizer


This DIY craft is so economical and pretty too!  It’s so easy to make, you’ll want to make some for your friends to give as gifts.  One of the best things about this craft is, you can make it for any room you desire, even the closet.  You can hang, jewelry, belts, scarfs, kitchen utensils or any other light weight items you have you need to organize.

You will need:
13 paint sticks 12” long
small hooks
decorative items to embellish your organizer (I used wood buttons)

Lets make it…………………..
1.  Arrange 4 paint sticks into a square, apply glue at points where the sticks touch each other.  Lay two down and then two on top like in the picture below.


2.  Lay 4 more paint sticks evenly over the top of the two paint sticks that make up the bottom layer.  Like this…….. then glue in place.


3.  Lay 3 paint sticks across the front horizontally, letting your middle stick be centered and then the top and bottom sticks placed evenly above and below the center stick, like this………………then glue in place.


4.  When the glue dries, lay two sticks behind your entire piece and center them between the three sticks that are the very front of your organizer……………. like this, then glue in place.


5.  Turn the whole piece over, back side showing and apply the type of hanger you like to hang it by.  I use wire for everything.

6.  Use whatever colors of paint you desire to match the room where you are going to use the organizer.  I use acrylic paint and water it down so much that sometimes it looks like I’m just putting water on and build my colors til I get the tints and depth I like.  This piece is washed with orange and blue.

7.  Use small hooks and place them around on your organizer where there will be space between the hooks to give your items room to hang properly.  Place the hooks in areas where you will be going through at least two paint sticks.  Be careful doing this, if you try to get the hooks to tight, you could bust the paint sticks.

8.  Embellish your organizer with whatever fun and happy tidbits you can find.  I use wood buttons in flower shapes.

Remember this is to hang light weight items only.


I hope you try this.  If you do I’d love to see what you come up with and what you decided to hang on it.

If you need some paint sticks, you can get them here.
  Perfect Stix PAINT12 Birchwood Paint Paddle Stick, 12" Length (Pack of 100)

You might need some paint too.
  Plaid PROMOABI Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint, 2-Ounce, Best Selling Colors I

Here's the glue I used.
  ALEENES 15599 All Purpose Glue, 8-Ounce

Happy Crafting!