Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Origami Lace Butterflies

Origami Lace Butterflies 

 So easy to make, there is really not much explanation or instructions to share. The most complicated part is deciding which origami butterfly pattern you'd like to try. I say, "Keep it simple".

 To start:

 1. Lay out parchment paper. 

 2. Lay lace on top of the parchment paper. (The largest size paper I found in the patterns was a       4.5" x 6".  I laid out enough lace to make several.)  The size in these photos were folded with 2.5" x 4" pieces of cut lace. The finished size is approximately 2" x 2".

 3. Apply a coat of decoupage mixture all over the lace.

 4. Let this dry throughly. 

 5. Peel lace off of parchment paper.

 6. Measure, mark and cut lace according to the instructions on the origami butterfly pattern you have chosen. There are thousands on pinterest!

 7. Fold the complete pattern with the lace and then tack into place utilizing inconspicuous areas, being careful not to tack down parts that should remain standing a bit.

 I would suggest, as I did this myself, practice with some cheap paper (without decoupage) before you start trying to fold with the prepared lace.

Have a happy, crafty, lacy day!