Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kitchen Island: DIY



This is my kitchen island.  I thought at one time I would just buy one, not.  Then I thought of several different ways I  could make one, if I had this and if I had that, didn’t happen either. 

Love, love, love this little chest, but my house is small and after I emptied the chest out, I was just staring at it wondering if I could possibly give it up, couldn’t do it.  So…………………….

I removed the hinges and hardware from the top backside and top front side.

DSCF1936 (765x800)                                      DSCF1937 (800x597)


The top lifted off.  I turned the chest on its side, put the top on what was once the side, secured the top to the side and bingo, I had my kitchen island.  Took me about 20 minutes and it was free.  Yay!

Just put a basket I had made with paint sticks and paper rope in the opening, filled it full of eucalyptus and I was just so, so happy!


                    DSCF1939 (785x800)


DSCF1940 (597x800)


Happy recycling!